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STEM Week 2022

By: Amelka, Ethan, Saffira and Olek

STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. At Shelton, we had a whole week dedicated to learning all about STEM.

 “STEM week at Shelton has been a really fun time,” said Olek in year 6. During the week children took part in lots of different activities.

“We learnt about space and galaxies using 3D glasses,” explained Zaniyah in year 5.

“In our class, we learnt about renewable energy and we made mini wind turbines to see how they worked,” clarified Ethan.

The whole week was organised by our very own Miss Barnett who found lots of different STEM experts who came to school to teach us about all sorts of interesting things to do with STEM. For example year 6 programmed rugged robots and BeeBots, the children really enjoyed putting their coding to the test by making them dance and move!  Year 5 even got to programme robots in the hall. The whole school is looking forward to next time and to using their learning in the future.