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School Clubs

Shelton Junior After School Clubs

This year, Shelton is delighted to hold an even wider range of afterschool clubs- which means even more children can sign up and join in the fun. All clubs start straight after school. Children need to ready and changed to start at 3.30. Children will be dressed and ready to be picked up at 4.30.All children MUST get changed back into their school uniforms after clubs have finished (if the club requires them to wear PE kit.) We had such a wonderful turn out last year and hope to have the same again this year; so thank you both parents and children for your support.

Below you will find a brief summary of when the clubs take place and who will be holding them. Keep looking out for pictures and club updates. Don’t forget 100% attendance at clubs means Shelton Sport T-Shirt or badge (depending on the club). Let’s hope 100% of children get 100% attendance.


Street Dance – is held by the talented Annaleise Gordan in the hall on Monday’s after school. If you think you can keep up to the beat and bust a move this may be the club for you.

Football – Is held on a Monday after school and run by the fabulous Mr Vjestica. If you think have got the ball skill, control and could be the next David Beckham, this could be a club you may be interested in.


Tag Rugby– Is held by super skilled Mrs Ohare on Tuesday’s after school. It involves skill, passing, games and lots of other fun activities. If you think you could make it to the next rugby world cup then this may the ideal club for you.


Athletics– Is run by the amazing athletics magician Shelley Morse on a Wednesday afternoon- where Mrs Morse transforms Shelton athletes into the next Usain Bolt’s and Jessica Ennis’. If you think you can run as fast as lightning, you should maybe run on down to athletics club.


Just Dance – is a fun way to keep fit and bust a move or two at the same time! It is run on a Thursday Lunchtime by Miss Morgan. If you think this sounds like the kind of club you may be interested in shuffle you way to the Just Dance club.

Film Club – If you’re a bit of a movie fanatic and critic then this may be the club for you. Come on down and join Miss Dennett- where you can visit the Shelton cinema and watch the latest movies.

Science Club– Think you’re the next Einstein? Fancy yourself as a mad scientist? If so this may be the ideal club for you. Join Mr Banks and his bunch of crazy scientists to experiment with lots of fun and exciting things- Hopefully Shelton will still be standing by the end of the term!

Drama Club – Is held on a Thursday after school by fantastic Miss Kingman and Mr Billington. Fancy yourself as a drama king or queen? See yourself as Broadway’s next biggest star? Then join the club and impress with your theatrical skills.

Shelton looks forward to seeing you all at clubs. Have a fantastic Autumn Term!

Important Messages for Parents

Shelton loving holding extra curricular activities for children to participate in, in school. We follow the same behaviour policy in clubs as we do in school as we need to ensure all children are safe, well behaved and following the Golden Rules.

  • Children need to have appropriate kit for the clubs and NEED to remove earrings.

  • Children will be registered and waited with until a parent comes to collect them, unless they have been given permission to walk home.

  • Any changes to children’s travel arrangements please let Mrs Drury known ASAP.