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Shelton Junior School

Together, we learn, trust & succeed.

Aims, Ethos & Values

As a child walks through the door of our school they will be greeted by a friendly face, a happy good morning and a calm professional atmosphere. They will enter a clean, highly organised, stimulating environment which clearly demonstrates the high expectations we have of learning, behaviour and presentation (including how we model language and dress for the school day).

They will begin VIVACIOUS learning as soon as they walk into their classroom and the space around them will be the ‘extra’ teacher. They will proudly display their work on the walls and their books will SHOWCASE the good progress they make. They will know their next steps of learning. They will be listened to fairly and understand the reasons we may have to support them with learning and IMPECCABLE behaviour.

Their parents will always be informed by their teacher of any interventions they may need to reach their full potential, whether it is a behavioural or cognitive factor. The curriculum will specifically plan opportunities for PARENTS to be involved in their child’s learning. Their teachers will assess their learning closely and plan SMART interventions for groups and individuals.

The staff who surround them are strong, independent individuals, who know their children’s strengths and areas for development. They are a multi-talented and highly valued team. EVERYONE is part of this team. The school is led by a headteacher who will ALWAYS listen but may not always have the answer.

The answer may have to be found by working TOGETHER.

Any individual who walks through our doors will therefore undoubtedly FLOURISH!

Shelton School Promise