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New Lunchtime Improvements

By: Amelka, Ethan, Saffira and Olek

A number of improvements have been implemented at lunchtimes at Shelton Juniors.  For example school council are helping children to learn new games.  We interviewed Zaniyah who is on the school council and has discussed this on behalf of the children at the school.  “We are going to laminate some cards with some drawings to show children how to play a new game.  If you’re feeling lonely or you don’t anything to do you can use these to make new friends and have fun.” explained Zaniyah.

In addition to this, some new equipment has appeared for our children to use.  New blocks and construction toys have arrived, as well as skipping ropes, marble runs, and portable tube phones to name a few.

Our amazing sports coach has also been running new sporting challenges using all of our PE equipment including new ball rebounders. Our children have a very fun and happy lunchtime playing with this new enjoyable equipment. These developments help our children to make new friends and collaborate even more.