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Latest News!

Holiday clubs this easter 2023

Please see the below information for Easter holiday club.

Community Food Bank 2023

Our Food bank is located outside the school office, this can be accessed by all. Please come and have a look.

TT Rock Star Day June 2022

Year 6 Residential Trip 2022

Year 6 fun day and Colour Run 2022

Gardening Day 2022

Queens Jubilee celebration Picnic

Chicks arrive at Shelton

We are very excited that our eggs have hatched on the last day of term!

Say Hello to Matlock

Sunny Sports Day for Year 3 & 4

The sun came out for our year 3 & 4 sports day today – great Shelton SuperPowers in evidence as children cheered each other on. Well done everyone!

Euro 2020 Finalist Celebrations

Today we celebrated the achievements of the England football team. This is a team that:
– Support and lift each other and take responsibility
– That challenges racism
– That donates to the NHS
– Who promote respect and equality
– With a leader who sets the example

This is definitely an England team we are proud of and who have lifted us all at a time when we really need it.

World Music day

Here are some more of our pictures from World Music Day on Monday! 🎵

We explored music from around the world, wrote our own lyrics, explored nature’s sounds and created lots of brilliant artwork to reflect our emotions and feelings surrounding the song ‘What a Wonderful World’

New books

Check out these amazing collections of new books that will be enjoyed by children over the next few weeks…

All the books bought at the recent book fair helped us earn every single one of these books for FREE so thank you to everyone who made a purchase!

Tree Planting!

Thank you to all the children who worked hard in our Forest School today planting the hedgerow and mini-forest area, mulching trees and building a hedgehog hotel and frog lodge!

With around 90 trees planted in total, we couldn’t have done it without Dave from the City Council Parks Department who passed on lots of his amazing knowledge about trees and the environment.

Dame Margaret Beckett Visits Shelton Junior School

read more …

Spring newsletter 30/03/2021

There’s lots happening at Shelton Juniors at the moment – here’s an update of our latest news for parents.

Spring Newsletter

Remembrance Day 11/11/20 🌺

As you all know we had Rememberance Day this week. To commemorate this, across the school we created: Poppy artwork, poems and displays.

We will remember them 🌺

Children In Need! 13th November 2020

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you have all had a great day Celebrating and raising money for Children in Need!

There has been a wonderful array of different colours, outfits and Pudsey Themed clothing around school today. It has been great to see. Here are some of our Amazing children with their outfits, tops, ears and of course smiles 😁

So far we have raised an fantastic £447! Way to go Shelton! On top of that – as a school, we have walked 1,308 miles of our 3,341 mile target this week! 🙌🏼 We even had some special help from Pudsey today! 🤩

You should all be very proud! Let’s keep it going next week!

Our Children in Need donation page is remaining open until end of day Monday, when it will be closed. If you haven’t already and wish to, please follow the link below 😊

Achievement Assembly 13.11.20

Another Week, more children to celebrate!

We have had some really reflective learners this week along with our usual perseverers and collaborators! Massive well done to all the Medal winners this week! 🏅

Along with those children we also have to congratulate our Gold Star Status children 🌟 and the class Dojo masters! 🥋 Great work, keep it up!

This week’s Top Dojo class title goes to Edale!! Well done Edale – enjoy your extra 10 minutes of play on the Equipment 👍🏼

Have a great weekend everyone 😁

Weekly News w/c 9th November 2020

Weekly News!

This week in Buxton has been a busy one!

On Tuesday we made our own wreath of poppies to prepare for Remembrance Day where we observed a 2 minute silence and created our own poems to remember those that have died in the war. Did you know there are different colour poppies with different meanings?

Today we have been rocking our spots and Pudsey/Blush clothes to celebrate children in need. We all enjoyed watching Miss Kingman running the “miles to America challenge” in her Pudsey onesie😂.

We are all looking forward to our Evacuee day next Thursday and have been looking at pictures and listening to people’s stories of WW2.

In RE we have been learning about Diwali and why it is important.

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading!

Buxton Class
Written by Harley⚽️

Weekly News w/c 2nd November 2020

Weekly News!

Last week in Bakewell we were very busy. In maths we were solving division Calculations using the bus stop method. In English we continued to enjoy the exciting text Room 13; we haven’t finished it yet but we can’t wait to read on. It’s a mystery story about a girl who finds a vanishing number on a door. Can you guess which number? One of her peers becomes ill during their school trip; a group of them conspire to find out what is making her ill. There are rumours about Whitby and what lurks there, have you heard them?

History last week (and for the rest of this half term) links to this week as it is Remembrance Day on Wednesday. Our current topics are that of WWII and the Plague in Eyam. Can you stop any links between the 2 topics? Have a look at our Tier 3 (topic specific) vocabulary, can you see any words we currently use regularly?

Lastly, we got our Teams login details last week, ready for our homework assignments and in case we have to work remotely. We have had a quick look at Teams in school but we have also had a look at home to help familiarise ourselves with it.

We have a fun-filled week ahead of us this week and we’re excited for what it holds. Have a great week everyone, thanks for reading.

Bakewell class
Written by Lewis 😎

Achievement Assembly 6.11.20

Happy Monday Everyone!

What better way to start the week than celebrating our new Medal Winners 🏅🥳

Huge congratulations to all of our Medal Winners, Dojo Masters and Gold Star Status children! You should all be very proud of yourselves for all the hard work you have been putting in – keep it up 🙃

Now the class with the most Dojos …. a huge round of virtual applause for (drum roll please 🥁) … Dovedale 👏🏼👏🏼 with 2118 dojos !! AMAZING! 🙌🏼 it was a close one last week though! I wonder who it will be this week?

A great start to our new half term! All of you ready and raring to go! I’ve seen some absolute Shelton Superstars as I’ve been walking around school 🌟 well done everyone we’re so proud of you!

This week is set to be super exciting too! And we will have some brilliant photos of our Medal Winners, in Children in Need/ non-uniform gear ! 😁
Don’t forget Wednesday is Remembrance Day – if you are part of an outside club such as Brownies, Cubs, Scouts, Guides etc. Please feel free to wear this uniform to school on Wednesday 🙂

We are going to have a very busy week here in school and hopefully we’ll be able to share it with you 🙂 keep a look out for our Dojo posts!

Have a great week everyone! 🤩

I almost forgot!! Along with our dress-up/non-uniform day for Children in Need on Friday, over the next 2 weeks as a whole school we are going to be metaphorically walking from Shelton UK to Shelton USA (3341 miles). We will be doing this by walking our daily mile track everyday with our classes!! Ask your children how many miles they walked each day! Let’s go Shelton we can do this!! 🙌🏼 – look out for updates!

Keep up to date with the latest news happening in school at the moment.

Weekly News w/c 19th October 2020

Weekly News 📰

Carsington have been working very hard using ALL of their Shelton Superpowers to face any challenge that has come their way over the last 2 weeks while we have been learning at home. Everyone has engaged amazingly with all of our virtual lessons and assemblies and they have produced some fantastic work as a result. We have had to use our Perseverance Superpowers as it has been hard at times, but we have all agreed that our efforts have been worth it. Please keep reading to find out what we have been up to and take a look at the brilliant examples of the work attached to this post. We also loved joining in with the celebrations for Art week, National Space Week and the Black History Month tasks, some brilliant and thoughtful work has been produced. I’m looking forward to returning next half term I know everyone has some exciting topics coming up which I am really looking forward to! Have a fantastic break, I know how hard everyone has worked this term so far so you have certainly earnt yourself some rest! – Miss.Barnett 😊

We have been learning lots of different things while we have been at home. We have been looking at multi-step problems for addition and subtraction and have now moved on to using mental and written strategies for multiplication. I have enjoyed the virtual Maths lessons as I love working as a class to problem solve and share my ideas with everyone – Shutaro ✏️

In English we have been reading a book called Room 13 by Robert Swindells. It is a story about a character called Fliss who goes on a school trip to the creepy Crow’s Nest Hotel. Strange things start happening to the characters at night when Room 13 comes to life. Everyone tells Fliss it is a dream but who knows? The author uses lots of exciting vocabulary and the story is full of suspense. We have been writing a character description for the mysterious Old Sal. I love sharing my predictions about the story and I really can’t wait to find out what happens in the book after half term! – Emily 📚

We have been using Microsoft Teams to collaborate with eachother for lessons and assemblies. Miss.Barnett and Mrs.Radford teach us Maths and English every day. We answer questions and make comments using the chat feature. We had to use our Investigator superpowers to figure out how to use it, at first it was tricky but we kept persevering and it worked! I love being able to see everyone in our class and hear their voices. It still feels like we are in the classroom even though we aren’t physically together – Aden 💻

I loved using Purple Mash while we have been at home, we do a variety of tasks like Maths, English, Coding, Science and Art. It’s got lots of different games and activities that have been really fun do to at home, it’s like working and playing at the same time. We also used TT Rockstars to take part in battles, the girls won the first battle with over 7,000 points and I earnt 4,000 points for our team! We also had Spelling Shed competitions that could earn you 10 bonus dojos!! Everyone had lots of fun taking part in these challenges -Thairee 🤖

Things we are looking forward to doing when we are back:

Seeing friends
Seeing our teachers and other adults that work with us
Playing games together
Carrying on with our learning

Have a great half term! 🏃‍♂️

Carsington 🏔

Achievement Assembly 19.10.20

Let’s kick start our last ‘week’ – 3 days – of this part of our Autumn term with another celebration of the wonderful children in our school! 🎉

Huge congratulations to all of our medal winners this week; you have obviously been working very hard -keep it up! We are all so proud of all of you. 😄🏅

Well done to all of our Gold Star Status children and Dojo masters too, who can be seen on their class stories for wowing us with your superpowers. Keep up the hard work. 🌟

Most Dojos in a class goes to Cromford -again! Well done Cromford! 👍

As always another HUGE well done to all of our children across school for continuing to inspire and wow us with their continued resilience! THANK YOU SHELTON!! 🙌🏼🌟

As we only have 3 days in school this week, we will not be having another celebration assembly this week. However, do not worry about your, well earned, dojo points we will be carrying those over into the first week back 😊

Have a wonderful last 3 days; don’t forget we are showing racism the red card on Wednesday by wear a red top to school! Also keep a look our for a Weekly News special from our wonderfully resilient Carsington class. 🙃

Weekly News w/c 12th October 2020

Weekly News!

This week has been a busy week across the school, so busy in fact that achievement assembly has had to be moved to next Monday! We have all had our Investigator hats on this week – which is also Science week – using our investigation skills to not only analyse and plan experiments but also learn about and develop our knowledge of Black History; October is Black History month.

Across school each year group have done their own experiments to discover something new. Our experiment is about the laws of opposing forces; we have done lots of research into how rockets can go into space and do not just fall back to Earth due to gravity. There are some great videos to watch and learn about rockets. One of the ones we watched was the final take off of the Space Shuttle Atlantis – which took off from Launchpad 39a in Cape Kennedy, Florida in 2011. We have learnt a lot about satellites too.

Did you know there are two types of satellites? There are G.O.E.S satellites and P.O.E.S satellites. The difference between these two is that one rotates above the equator and always stays in the same places whereas the other obits the poles (North to south and back again). Do you know which one is which? Find the answer at the bottom.

That’s Science but in Maths we’ve also had to use our Investigation Superpower to complete multi-step word problems and calculate the missing numbers in inverse operation pyramids! English has been quite relaxing this week as we have started a new book called Room 13; written by Robert Swindells. It is great and we are already on chapter 11 – we are going to be taking a closer look at one of the characters next week; Old Sal and her disheveled appearance. 📚

Across the picnic area in the Lower School corridor they are also reading and exciting book that we need to share with you; The Nowhere Emporium by Ross Mackenzie it is an exciting tales that really gets your imagination going – enjoy Years 3 and 4! 📚😁

As we mentioned before this month is Black History month; across the whole school we have been learning about prominent and influential black people such as: Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Barak Obama, Nelson Mandela and Mary Seacole to name a few. 🙌🏼

Next week along with our Celebration assembly on Monday we also only have 3 days until half term! Plus on our last day (Wednesday) it is also Show Racism the Red Card day for our school which means we get to come into school wearing a red top! 🥳

The answers to our science questions were that our G.O.E.S satellite is the stationary one above the equator and the P.O.E.S satellite is the one which obits the poles!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone 😁

By Cromford class 😄

Achievement Assembly 9.10.20

Another fantastic week ending with a great celebration assembly! 🎉

Huge congratulations to all our medal winners you have obviously been wowing your teachers this week with your, collaboration, concentration and thinker superpowers! You should be very proud of yourselves.

Another well done to all our Dojo masters – who can been seen along with the Gold Star Status children on individual class pages – who have clearly been working hard to earn their Dojos. Some classes even had double Dojo Masters this week! WOW!

It is great to see the sprinkling of Gold Star Status children growing and changing across the school as well as re-celebrating some children who have gained it for another week!

In relation to Dojos we also have our Top Dojo scoring class. This weeks top Dojo scoring class is …. The lovey Cromford! Well done, enjoy your extra 10 minutes on the play equipment 😄

We are all so incredibly proud of all our Shelton children and how they are being so resilient during this strange time. Each day they show us just how amazing they are and no amount of Dojos, medals or praise can truly represent that! Well done everyone – even you parents! Thank you for all your support. Have a relaxing weekend and we’ll see you all Monday morning ready and raring to go! 👍

Weekly News w/c 5th October 2020

Weekly News

Although we’ve had a lot of rain this week, luckily we’ve managed to get outside for our breaktimes at least once each day. 🌦

This week has been ‘Thinker Week’ so we’ve been concentrating on creating some amazing fruit artwork. Each year group has been learning about a different artist: lower school have studied Arcimoldo and Lichtenstein while upper school have studied Cezanne and Kusama.

In Chatsworth, we’ve created some amazing still-life pictures – there are definitely some budding artists in this class! 🎨

We’re now all looking forward to ‘Investigator Week’ as we’re going to be designing an investigation linked to World Space Week. 🚀

By Chatsworth Class

Achievement Assembly 2.10.20

It seems strange to be writing this for the second time this week but these are all well deserved awards and need to be celebrated!

Well done to all of our medal winners this week you have wowed the adults in school with your incredible love of learning.

Big congratulations to our Dojo masters this week – showing us their best ninja move – for being the top Dojo scorer in their classes.

We had more Gold Star Status children this week! look how please they are – keep up the great work and enjoy those comfy cushions.

This week’s Top Dojo class was in Lower school this week. Well done and congratulations to Tissington who had the most Dojos across the school. Enjoy your 10 minutes extra play on the equipment!

Finally the winners of our collaboration Dojo competition between Upper and Lower school.
The winners were……… Lower school!!
Well done everyone in Lower school your collaboration has clearly paid off! It would appear we need to up our game upper school.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and keep up all great work you have done so far. I’m looking forward to seeing who is going to WOW us next week. 🙃

Weekly News w/c 28th September 2020

Weekly News!

This week has been as wonderful as ever! This week has been Reflector week across the school. We have all been using our Reflector superpower to think about how we can make a change and improve not only our work but also our happiness. Along with our Superpower work we (Upper school) have been creating some ‘lost word spells’ whilst Lower school have been creating some collaborative artwork.

On Thursday this week -1st October- we had a special lunch delivered. It was a delicious treat! We had an Italian lunch day which consisted of Pizza – either peperoni, chicken and barbeque or good old margarita, a tomato based pasta, a selection of vegetables and a very tasty pudding consisting of: vanilla ice cream, chocolate or caramel sauce, rainbow sprinkles and a chocolate wafer roll – It was amazing!

We have been really lucky this week in that we have enjoyed 2 achievement assemblies – Monday and today. Despite not being able to be together in the hall our achievement assemblies are still as awesome as before; we still get to hear about and celebrate the wonderful things all the children have accomplished and where they have been persevering.

Next week, the whole school is going to be making some fruit art, which sounds intriguing. This year, I hope to make lots of funny and exciting memories at Shelton before I leave for secondary school. Thank you for reading. Have a great weekend!

By Scarlett 🤩

Shelton Italian celebration – This Thursday!

Join us on Thursday 1st October for our exciting Italian celebration lunch! There will be choices of scrumptious pizza and pasta with the added bonus of a design your own Gelato dessert!

Does this tickle your fancy? If so, guess what, you don’t need to book; just let us know on the day 😊 We’re looking forward to sharing this experience with you!

Achievement Assembly 28.9.20

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great one!

We had a very exciting start to our morning by celebrating our Shelton medal winners! These children have all be recognised for their wonderful hard work and use of the Shelton Super Powers. well done everyone – wear those medals with pride 🏅

Also along with our medal winners, we also celebrated our class dojo masters (who can be seen showing us their best ninja move), Gold Star Status children (who reached gold 3x in one week! – WOW!) and last, but by no means least, our Top dojo scoring class across the school; which this week was Cromford! Cromford have earned themselves 10 minutes extra playtime on the New play equipment – enjoy 😊

Keep up the great work everyone and don’t forget about our UKS vs LKS battle of the dojos! Who do you think will win?

Weekly News w/c 21st September 2020

Weekly News!

Before I start I am pleased to announce that – last week, on Jeans for Genes Day – we raised £178! Well done everyone and thank you for all your support.

This week we have been very busy with our learning, getting stuck back in to English and Maths, and expanding our knowledge and understanding day by day. Today is another exciting day at Shelton Junior School we have had a Languages afternoon! Across the whole school we are learning a variety of European languages.  In my classroom, we learnt simple phrases in the languages Portuguese and Dutch – It was very intriguing. Did you know every class teacher in the school taught a different language?! Ask your child which languages they learnt today.

This year I am looking forward to learning new things and being the best I can be. I hope everyone has a good weekend and will be ready for a new week full of Resilience, Collaboration, Curiosity and Concentration. Bye!

By Victoria 😃

Weekly News w/c 14th September 2020

Hello Everyone!
This week we have all been working extremely hard using our – Concentration and Persevering – Shelton Super Powers during our assessments this week! As well as working hard with our assessments this week we have also had an exciting day called: Jeans for Genes day. Today we are supporting a charity who help people with genetic disorders and life threatening problems, carried through genetics from one family member to another, by wearing our Jeans (or joggers, leggings, skirts etc.) and donating £1. I have seen lots of different Jeans and Joggers today – take a look at our pictures to see some of the different styles we’ve been wearing around school today! Next week we also have quite an exciting day planned; Language Day! During Language Day we will all be learning some new languages; I wonder which languages we might learn? Finally before I go, this year I hope to learn as much as possible and fulfil my knowledge ready for a fresh start at secondary school. Well, that sums up our Weekly school News. Stay safe everyone!

By Gabby 😌

New Shelton Lunches. Do they take your fancy?

The children say lunch was delicious again today – plenty of options for everyone! Don’t forget to place your orders for next week by tomorrow at the latest: www.sheltonj.derby.sch.uk/lunch-order
Thank you!

Weekly News w/c 7th September 2020

Welcome back everyone! It has been a busy week for us all here are Shelton; settling in and getting used to our new routines. The children have done a fantastic job of adjusting to their new surroundings and routines they deserve to be celebrated! This year, along with our usual we would like to keep you up to date using a ‘Weekly News’ dojo post and on our ‘Latest News’ page of the School website. These updates will be written by our very own Yr5 and 6 children and contain ‘snap shots’ of their school learning and information of what is coming up next! We hope you enjoy these insights into our children’s school life and have fun filled conversations discussing them. Now, I am excited to share our first Weekly News section.

Miss Dennett 🙃

Welcome back to our brilliant school! Everyone has been using their Collaboration Superpower in order to keep each other safe. Around school, we’ve been regularly washing and sanitising our hands to fight off the germs. Across school in lessons, we’ve all been learning about keeping healthy, the importance of having a good diet and why we should be getting regular exercise and plenty of sleep. Our amazing Teachers and Teaching Assistants have been directing and leading us around school safely. This year I am looking forward to our new learning projects and learning new skills.

By Theo 😁

Our New Climbing Adventure

We have been loving exploring and trying out the amazing new equipment this week – we love it!

We hope you’re looking forward to trying it out in September – the teachers definitely are!

Coronavirus Closure

Wow! What a term it has been. Our school is now only open for key worker children and everyone else is learning and communicating remotely. The teachers all very proud of how well everyone is doing keeping in touch and looking after each other in this difficult time. Massive thanks to everyone for staying at home in support of the NHS front line workers. One of our pupils, Joel in year 5 has gone one step further: he researched and then printed ear savers, these can be used for frontline staff wearing masks. These were sent to ICU at Royal Derby. Joel received a photo from the staff with his ear savers the other day and was told his letter had been put up in their new wobble room. So proud of you Joel – well done.

School Term Dates –

Oxford Reading Buddy Introduction – We will be holding a short, informal meeting to introduce Oxford Reading Buddy on Monday 23rd September at 3.45pm. I look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

Stand Up Derbyshire Day – On 27th September we’ll be getting active and joining in with this initiative, get ready to be up and active!

Aldi’s Kit for Schools – We’re collecting stickers for Aldi’s Kit for Schools. Please collect these if you shop in Aldi and we’ll have a chance to win £20,000!

Meet the teacher – Great to see so many parents at the meet the teacher event for the start of the new academic year. Thank you for your support!