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Spring Term 2021 School Closure

During this new period of national lockdown, Shelton will continue to provide full online education. All children will complete a full day of remote learning run by our teachers. During this period, the safest place for your children is at home where they will access learning provided by their usual class teacher.

We will use Microsoft Teams to deliver a mix of: live teaching, recorded video sessions, live workshops, 1-2-1 remote support and independent learning activities.

Parents or carers who are workers critical to the coronavirus (COVID-19) response may apply for a childcare place at school during this period. A list explaining those who are eligible can be found on the gov.uk website. Because we will be running full, remote education, places will be limited and we may have to prioritise places based on need.

If a place is agreed for your child during the national lockdown period:

  • childcare will be available between 9:00am and 3:30pm (there will be no breakfast club during this period)
  • teachers will assign Friday Enrichment tasks to be completed by children independently on Friday afternoons to facilitate teacher’s PPA time and extra cleaning, children will not receive live face to face remote sessions on a Friday afternoon. Children in school will complete these tasks in their class bubbles and should be collected at the usual time.
  • places will be limited so that children can socially distance at 2m from all other children wherever possible in the classrooms and inside school
  • within their bubbles, children will have outdoor play and lunch breaks where social distancing will not be enforced but we will discourage close contact games
  • children will remain in small, year-group bubbles and be cared for by a member of school staff who may be different to your child’s usual teachers
  • these new closure bubbles will be different to the children’s usual classes
  • children will attend all online learning run by one of the class teachers from their year group who may be different to your child’s usual teacher, we will let you know which teacher will deliver their learning and they will submit all of their work to this teacher using Teams
  • children from several classes will be in the same childcare bubble and will attend on-line lessons together before completing and submitting activities using a school laptop
  • lunch will NOT be provided by school, children must bring a packed lunch (children eligible for free school meals will be provided with a cold lunch)
  • children will use school equipment to access the learning for the day
  • children should attend in normal school uniform
  • children should not bring extra equipment into school

To apply, at least 1 parent or carer must be eligible for childcare as a key worker.

To ensure staffing availability, childcare places will be allocated as full time places. If your child does not attend school for childcare on a given day (for example to accommodate shift working), then you should inform us that they will be joining the on-line learning from home on that day.

Open childcare application form in a new screen, or complete below, please ensure you email a letter from your employer or other documented proof of your key worker status to admin@sheltonj.derby.sch.uk: