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Assembly Stories

Hi everyone, I’m going to start uploading our weekly Thursday assemblies here – watch in you classrooms or at home – let me know which stories are your favourites when you see me around school!

Dracula Spectacular

A lovely story about being brave to be who you really are. Look out for the discussion questions at the end to talk about in your classes and with your grown-ups at home.

Dr Martin Luther King Day

This is great illustrated book of Dr King’s famous “I have a Dream” speech. I’ve used the recording of Dr King’s original speech alongside the pages from the book. Listen carefully and have a think about the quote from Dr King at the end – what does it mean for you today?

(Correction: in my introduction I say that Martin Luther King day is 15th, it’s actually Monday 17th January this year)


Two Christmas stories this week – written over 100 years apart. What similarities can you spot?

Determination – Project Possible

A little bit different this week – I’ve been inspired by Nirmal Purga (“Nims”) after watching a documentary called “14 Peaks” recently. (It’s a 12 certificate but grown ups its well worth a watch on Netflix!) So I wanted to share a little of Nims’ story of courage and determination – I think we can definitely all learn something from him.

Dogs Don’t Do Ballet

I’ve just discovered this great book. It’s been around for a while so you might know it. Can you spot the hidden message in this great story?

King of the Sky – Wellbeing Day

Today’s story is all about a boy who moves to another country – he feels very sad because everything is so different. Luckily, he makes a friend who helps him to feel at home.

How will you make everyone in our school feel at home this week?

Troll Stinks – Anti-bullying week

Great odd socks day this week everyone! Today’s story is called Troll Stinks – get ready to pause the video and discuss the questions with your class or with your grown ups at home.

Walter Tull

On Armistice day, this is the story of Walter Tull, the first Black British outfield football player and the first black British officer in the army.


On National Stress Awareness day, this story is called “Happy” and has some lovely illustrations and ideas to help us manage our own wellbeing: